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Shipped with a universal rigging pack suitable for sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks and canoes & supplied with a sail bag.

* Click here to download a PDF of the fitting instructions and warranty (includes links to video tutorials for sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks)


1sqm sail system - suitable for most sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks up to 4.3m (1.8kg)

1.5sqm sail system - suitable for sit-on-top kayaks above 4.3m and small double kayaks (2.2kg)

2.2sqm sail system - suitable for the largest kayaks and canoes (2.2kg)


1sqm sail systems (Au$370; cost includes world-wide express delivery)


part no. PAS-10RC 1sqm red/clear sail system                               


part no. PAS-10RY 1sqm red/yellow/clear sail system                 


part no. PAS-10BY 1sqm blue/yellow/clear sail system                 




1.5sqm sail systems (Au$420; cost includes world-wide express delivery)



part no. PAS-15BC 1.5sqm blue/clear sail system                                        


part no. PAS-15RY 1.5sqm red/yellow/red/clear sail system                     


part no. PAS-15BY 1.5sqm blue/yellow/blue/clear sail system                 


part no. PAS-15RWB 1.5sqm red/white/blue/clear sail system                 



2.2sqm sail systems (Au$470; cost includes world-wide express delivery)

part no. PAS-22WC 2.2sqm white/clear sail system                                     



part no. PAS-22RYB 2.2sqm red/yellow/blue/clear sail system                 



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Parts and Accessories


Accessory Rigging Pack (part no. PAS_RP)  Au$70 (incl. Delivery)

- accessory rigging pack lets customers easily swap their Pacific Action to another boat (just undo 2 shackles and release the buckles on the mast step).


Part no. PAS-RP  (accessory rigging pack)   Au$70 (incl. Delivery)                   



Accessory Webbing (mast step) Anchor Points

This set of 2 x stainless steel webbing anchor points can be used to secure the sail system to another boat – (includes 2 machine screws,washers, nyloc nuts and rivets). See also our accessory rigging pack (listed above) if you want a complete set of rigging and deck fittings.


part no. PAS-WAP webbing anchor point set. Au$17 (incl. delivery)                      



Accessory Cleat Set

An alternative to the running cleats that come standard with the sail kit.  This accessory cleat set consists of a matched pair of Clamcleat ®  - port and starboard flat cleats – for single-handed locking of the trimming line when running across the wind. 

Includes (4 x ) machine screws, washers and nyloc nuts and rivets.  The cleats should be mounted about 4 inches (100 mm) behind the rear trimming line snap hooks.


part no. PAS-CS1 cleat set. Au$38 (incl. delivery)                 



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·         Technical Support,  Warranty and Liability:  Pacific Action ™ kayak sails are manufactured by On Top Down Under (Australia) Pty Ltd.  We guarantee the sail system against faults in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase (excluding commercial use).  Any faults or requests for technical support should be addressed by contacting: or tel.(+61) (0) 404235180.  We will repair or replace the sail system at our discretion.  On Top Down Under Liability is limited to the purchase price of our products only. The Company shall not (except to the extent of repair or replacement of the sail system as set out in this warranty) be liable for any loss or damage (direct, indirect, consequential, economic, physical or otherwise) of any nature arising out use of this product.



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Pacific Action™  is a New Zealand registered trademark (ref#637696; 637695) of On Top Down Under Ltd, New Zealand.

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Pacific Action  is a New Zealand registered trademark (ref#637696; 637695) of On Top Down Under Ltd

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